Tricks to Teach Your Betta Fish: Follow Finger & Jumping Through Hoop

Betta fish tricks

Betta fish can actually learn some easy tricks. Similar to dogs, they can be taught specific acts with food as an incentive. Below are 3 tricks you can teach your betta. Remember, do not overfeed your betta. You can practice these tricks around mealtime so you won’t feed too many treats throughout the day. These tricks will need to be … Read more

Betta Fish Anatomy, Facts and Breathing

Betta Fish Anatomy Facts and breathing

It may seem like an exaggeration, however, knowing specific details about bettas including anatomy, facts, and breathing details will help you become a better caretaker. Gaining this knowledge will allow you to provide a great life for your fish pets. It is a sad sight, walking into pet sections of stores and seeing hundreds of … Read more

Betta and Shrimp in a 10-Gallon Tank, and Betta Tank Mates for 10-Gallon

Betta with Shrimp

Bettas are pretty solitary creatures. They don’t typically like to be around their own kind, much less a bunch of other fish. That’s not to say you can’t have happy, healthy betta in a community tank, but there are definitely considerations. I’d guess that most people are going to have a betta tank on the … Read more