Do Betta Fish Eat Other Fish? What Animals Can Live With Betta?

Betta fish are unique to other species when it comes to remembering their owner. You cannot see this kind of trait in almost all of the pets living in the water.

Other pets such as the famous cats and dogs are known for recreating a bond and relationship with their owners. However, when it comes to fish, this is not a typical scenario.

You can describe Betta fish as an adventurer, and this trait depends on exploring different things, mainly the new decoration you put in your aquarium. You can see them patrolling into that unique item.

Also, Betta is fighting fish that reason why it is not always the best choice for a community aquarium. And yes, they do not tend to fight or bully other fishes in the aquarium, but they too. Fishes that are small in size, such as tetras, danios, gourami, killifish, and so on, are the species targeted by the Betta as his food.

Do Betta fish can eat other fish or any other small animals?

Yes, as you can observe, the Betta fish only eat his tank mates, which are smaller than his size. You can see them swallowing the fish whole! So if you have a community of small fishes in your tank, never consider laying a Betta fish.

Can a male and female betta fish live together?

The presence of one betta fish in our community tank has the chance to cause trouble to its tank mates; how much more if there are more than one of them?

If your tank has no dwarf or baby fishes, and you are considering having a female and male betta fish together, then feel free to do it. Though amateurs who have no enough knowledge about betta and who are new to being a fishkeeper, you might reconsider doing this one.

Putting a female and male betta fish together, there should only one pair of them in a tank. If you love the female betta’s appearance and wanted to add more, feel free as long as there is only one male betta. Be ready in case of any emergencies or trouble that might arise by having an extra aquarium tank.

For a safe environment for both the female and male betta, having a vast aquarium containing more than 40 gallons of water is much appreciated. Fighting or harming eat others can be lessened if there are plenty of hiding spots for your fishes. These ornaments or plants can be their hideout or have their marked place or territory.

Can betta fish live with other fish?

Aside from eating tiny fishes, harming other tank mates is an expression to every betta fish. Aside from the uncertainty about little fishes, betta tends to find their tank mate dangerous for them for no apparent reason.

Chiefly, aged fish species that inhibit physical characteristics such as having an excellent tail and huge fins are traits that a betta find dangerous.

A community tank can also be a home of both female and male betta. Experts would try to test if a species can be unharmed when with a betta. Upon doing so, close monitoring is needed.

What kinds of fish can live with a Betta?


Freshwater snails have a hard covering that is adequate protection. It is likely you would be safe anytime and anywhere, for you can hide on that shelf whenever you wanted.

Snails are an excellent choice to be put with bettas because of their hard shells. Worrying won’t be an option for snails such as mystery snails, a common aquarium snail, can save itself.

Species with light or transparent colors.

Guppies, even though tiny in size, can be kept together with betta fishes. Unlike either schooling fishes that have vibrant colors, making them ideal for a community tank, these guppies are light-colored.

These guppies are hard to spot in an aquarium because of their color. However, there is a species of guppies that are prone for bettas to find as threats. Avoid choosing guppies with long fins.

You can also consider getting ghost shrimp. They are transparent in color, making them hard to spot by bettas and for more safety and security, ensuring they have hiding spots in case of possible harm.

Those fishes are quiet or calm when in an aquarium.

Fishes who mind their own business or busy strolling around to the decorations and plants can be put together with bettas. One of the examples is the species of rasbora.

Even though some of them possess a vibrant color, bettas won’t rub with them, for rasbora are steady and quiet.

Another example is the African dwarf frog. This frog has the same characteristics as rasbora making it ideal to live with fish, excluding the vibrant color.

Fast-moving fishes.

If you’d like to put tiny fishes into your tank, but you have the presence of betta, you can still have small fishes in your tank as long as they can swim faster than betta. A tiny fish should possess a trait that can help itself when it comes to bettas.

You can consider putting a tetra in your tank. Similar to rasbora, some species of tetra possess vibrant colors, too. That vibrant colors make them very visible to the betta and ending up betta to chase and eat them.

Choose a fish that can swim faster, like tetra. Its size helps them to swim faster.

Do betta fish kill other fish?

Killing of fish by betta can only be done when betta eats smaller fisher. However, when pertaining to betta killing other fishes by attacking them is not possible.

Bettas being fighting fish so they can attack other fishes. These attacks cause fishes to retain open wounds. We are all familiar that having an open wound can be dangerous when not treated well.

It can be infected with different bacterias and viruses. This is the reason why fishes are being killed.

Do betta fish eat baby fish?

Betta fish will eat anything smaller than his size. Big chances for baby fishes to be eaten by Bettas are enormous. Other species with a standard size as a baby fish, like tetras, cannot be together with a betta fish.

Betta will most like to eat this small or baby fishes if there are no plants or decorations in your aquarium that can help them hide.

For this reason of Betta eating dwarf or baby fishes, some owners tend to substitute small fishes as Betta food consumption. Let put small fishes in the tank where Betta is with the purpose for Betta’s devouring.

This kind of act is a bad practice for a Betta fish. This practice is more likely the reason why they harm other fishes in a community.