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If you are not sure about the best plants or fish to include in your aquarium, you should consult an expert, like the aquarium advisor. We will able to give you useful advice on how to stock your aquarium with plants and fish.​

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Aquarium Plants


Plants play a key role in the aquarium, offering shade and shelter so that fish feel secure, and providing food for herbivorous species.

Fish in Aquarium


People keep fish for a huge range of reasons. Most of us, however, just enjoy the calming elegance and color that fish bring to the home.



A few snails or shrimp in the tank can perform a useful service, cleaning up dead plant matter and eating excess food.



The tank is the most important piece of equipment you will buy since it provides a home for your fish. Your budget and the space available in your home will influence your choice.



The world of aquaponics truly shows how well nature can work together and unusual symbiosis between species can make a new ecosystem of plants and animals flourish.

Saltwater aquarium


A marine aquarium, populated with stunningly patterned reef fish and invertebrates in crystal-clear water, makes a stunning centerpiece for any room.

Goldfish Tank

It is unclear when people started keeping fish for their aesthetic qualities, rather than as a source of food, but the activity certainly dates back well over a thousand years. It probably began in China with the domestication of goldfish and koi, and has spread worldwide with advances in aquarium technology and transportation. Today’s aquatic industry produces a vast range of products to make fishkeeping more rewarding than ever before.