Why Do Mystery Snails Leave Their Shells?

Why Do Mystery Snails Leave Their Shells?

There are two main reasons why mystery snails come out of their shells. Firstly, for mating, and secondly, for feeding. Mystery snails are bound to their shells, and should never fully disconnect from them.  In this article, we are going to go into more depth about the reasons for mystery snails leaving or disconnecting from … Read more

Do Peppermint Shrimp Eat Coral? Do They Feed on Aiptasia Anemones?

Do peppermint shrimp eat coral?

Aquariums and their mesmerizing beauty can have a profound effect on every onlooker. The marine creatures living happily together with each other is so relaxing to look at. Often, aquarium owners overlook the fact that all creatures don’t live harmoniously together. You need to be careful about the flora and fauna you add to your … Read more

Mystery Snail Eggs – How Long Does It Take for Eggs to Hatch?

Mystery Snail Eggs

Possessing an aquarium tank in our house shouts liveliness. Fishkeepers cultivate species that can fit in their aquarium and those that they can maintain properly. Choosing different fish to grow in your aquarium is a tough decision to make. There are thousands of species you can choose from, and selecting the best tankmates is needed. … Read more

Do Dojo Loaches Eat Shrimp or Snails?

Do Dojo Loaches Eat Shrimp or Snails?

Dojo loaches, also called Pond Loaches or Weather Loaches are one of the best types of fish you can put in your fish tank.  They are very fun to look at as they are super friendly and active most of the time. They also have a unique look that you won’t find in any other … Read more

Hermit Crab Behavior in Captivity | Food, Climbing, Digging & Aggression

Hermit Crab Behavior in Captivity

Hermit crab owners around the world love to watch their crabs. Despite the fact that they are rather primitive creatures, hermit crabs engage in a number of fascinating behaviors. If you spend time watching your hermit crabs, you’ll come to know each individual crab well and will recognize typical hermit crab behaviors. You know by … Read more

Shrimp Diseases – Symptoms and Treatment

Shrimp Diseases

Many beginners become frustrated when they saw their shrimps and other creatures sick. Many questions keep arising in their mind like: How should I diagnose the disease that my shrimp seems to have? And what causes it? How do I know what symptoms point to what disease? The following are some of the steps that … Read more

Shrimp Aquarium Setup and Shrimp Tank Mates

Setting Up Your Shrimp Aquarium: Step By Step

A well-prepared shrimp aquarium always means resounding success in the hobby, thus making a perfect addition to your room or office. This guide will help you setup your dream shrimp aquarium and choose some tank mates you can put in. How to set up a shrimp tank? Rinse the aquarium with tap water. Never use … Read more