What Do Triggerfish Eat?

What Do Triggerfish Eat?

If you’re looking for a species to put into your vast aquarium, you can consider having triggerfish. They originally lived in an ocean where they could roam freely and protect themselves from the wild by hiding. Seeing their appearance will make you want to have one. However, their tank requirements may not let you. To … Read more

Panther Grouper Fish Care

Panther Grouper Fish Care

Are you easily attracted to fishes with unique appearances? Most fish species you can see in fish stores can be colorful, but not to the extent that it has various shapes in their body. This fish, who possesses vibrant colors, lights up the aquarium. However, these panther groupers obtain a unique appearance that you cannot … Read more

Are Protein Skimmers Necessary in a Saltwater Aquarium?

Are Protein Skimmers Necessary in a Saltwater Aquarium?

Keeping a saltwater aquarium successfully depends on a lot of things working together cohesively. Like in any aquarium, the filtration plays a big role in ensuring that a saltwater tank and all of its inhabitants stay as healthy as possible. It is also in this respect that saltwater tanks somewhat differ from their freshwater counterparts. … Read more

How To Breed Tomato Clownfish?

Of all the fish in the saltwater aquarium hobby, few are as popular and in demand as the Tomato Clownfish especially among those who are new to saltwater fishkeeping. The craze for this fish began with the launch of the ‘Finding Nemo’ animated movie series but this craze was sustained because it is a relatively … Read more

21 Facts about Clownfish and More a Lot of Information

Facts about Clownfish

An aquarium is a place where people keep fish and other water animals. Most people who keep aquariums choose fish that live in freshwater, but many people have saltwater, or marine, aquariums. The fish in these aquariums originally came from the ocean. The majority of the fish in saltwater aquariums are native to the warm, … Read more

Clownfish Tank Mates for 30-Gallon Tank

Clownfish Tank Mates for 30-Gallon Tank

There are hundreds of different kinds of saltwater aquarium fish. Some are quite difficult to care for and are best left to experienced marine aquarists. Beginners have a lot to choose from, though. Remember to buy tank-raised fish whenever possible. Damselfish, which belong to the same family as clownfish, are popular because they are hardy. … Read more

Moray Eel Size and Tank Size for Saltwater Eel Species

Moray Eel Species

While there are nearly 200 species and subspecies of morays worldwide, only a scant few make it to the pet trade. Listed here are some of the most popular and most well understood of the morays you are likely to encounter, and also their habitat, diet, and minimum tank size. Types of Moray Eels for … Read more

Do Wrasses Turn Male? What Saltwater Fish Switch from Female to Male?

Protogynous Fish - Bluehead Wrasse

Protogyny is where fish spend the first part of their lives as females before becoming males when they are older and larger – is by far the most common form of sequential hermaphroditism seen among coral reef fishes. Protogyny is seen among species of wrasses, parrotfish, and groupers, as well as in some damsels, angels, … Read more

What Fish Eats Crustaceans in the Coral Reef?

Fish Eats Crustaceans

Coral reefs teem with invertebrates – a vital food resource for plenty Of different fish. However, prey invertebrates have an impressive array of defenses. Perhaps the most common is a tough shell, or carapace, to protect their vulnerable bodies, as seen in crabs, shrimps, urchins, clams, and snails. Finding these animals does not often present … Read more

Can I Feed My Marine Fish Brine Shrimp and Mysis Shrimp?

Feeding Marine Fish with Brine Shrimp and Mysis Shrimp

Various types of foods are available for marine fish and invertebrates. A good diet will include the requirements of each species. For this discussion, I will talk mostly on brine shrimp and mysis shrimp. Pros and cons of live foods for marine fish The advantage of feeding live foods is that the animal is receiving … Read more