How To Breed Tomato Clownfish?

Of all the fish in the saltwater aquarium hobby, few are as popular and in demand as the Tomato Clownfish especially among those who are new to saltwater fishkeeping. The craze for this fish began with the launch of the ‘Finding Nemo’ animated movie series but this craze was sustained because it is a relatively … Read more

21 Facts about Clownfish and More a Lot of Information

Facts about Clownfish

An aquarium is a place where people keep fish and other water animals. Most people who keep aquariums choose fish that live in freshwater, but many people have saltwater, or marine, aquariums. The fish in these aquariums originally came from the ocean. The majority of the fish in saltwater aquariums are native to the warm, … Read more

Clownfish Tank Mates for 30-Gallon Tank

Clownfish Tank Mates for 30-Gallon Tank

There are hundreds of different kinds of saltwater aquarium fish. Some are quite difficult to care for and are best left to experienced marine aquarists. Beginners have a lot to choose from, though. Remember to buy tank-raised fish whenever possible. Damselfish, which belong to the same family as clownfish, are popular because they are hardy. … Read more

What Do Clownfish Eat, and How Often Do They Need to Eat?

Clownfish food

After good water quality, feeding is probably the next most important aspect in keeping clownfish healthy. There is an overwhelming number of different fish foods available including frozen, dry, freeze-dried, and live foods. Clownfish are omnivores, they can eat a variety of foods. It is best to feed frozen food as a staple and use … Read more