Mystery Snail Eggs – How Long Does It Take for Eggs to Hatch?

Possessing an aquarium tank in our house shouts liveliness. Fishkeepers cultivate species that can fit in their aquarium and those that they can maintain properly.

Choosing different fish to grow in your aquarium is a tough decision to make. There are thousands of species you can choose from, and selecting the best tankmates is needed.

However, there are instances that there could be the presence of other species in our aquarium without us knowing. This thing could be a new picture for you if you don’t see how snails spawn.

Some of these species are the mystery snail eggs that you can catch above your aquariums. You could see these eggs in one place that looks like a covering of eggs.

Why do Mystery snails leave their shells?

How to tell if mystery snail eggs are fertile?

Differing of eggs color pigment.

You could only know if your freshwater snail is fertile when it comes to its altering of color pigment. The eggs start with possessing pale complexions. If these eggs turned in a darker shade, then it only means that they are receiving the right amount of moisture and humidity in the tank.

The eggs are committing the proper stance when it happens to change the tone.

However, there are clutch eggs that aren’t flourishing when it comes to successful spawning. To know if your eggs are developing or not, perform these things to your clutch eggs.

  • Try sniffing the eggs to know their scent. If the scent is tolerable and there wasn’t that much or even nothing at all, your eggs are in the middle of a healthy spawning, which means that it has received the right amount of moisture and humidity.

An egg that has an unusual odor is unwell fertilization. These are the eggs that lack the presence of moisture and humidity. You can observe your eggs that are attached above your aquarium.

The lower eggs close to the water change their color to a darker tone while the above eggs are constant. The eggs in the uppermost layer are not receiving the required amount of moisture they needed in other to spawn successfully.

  • Evacuate your eggs to a towel, may it be a kitchen towel, facial tissue, and so on. Healthful eggs will leave a mark of color that is close to being pinkish to bloody. If your egg doesn’t leave any stain, it is more likely not still fertilizing yet.

How to harvest snail eggs

When it comes to harvesting snail eggs, there are plentiful strategies you could work out. But if you are looking for an easy and no-cost technique and procedure, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Excellent humidity level for the eggs to receive.

Like what I have mentioned above, this humidity coming from the water is very crucial for the eggs to undergo infertility, and that can be harvested on time. You can have a generous amount of humidity if you are using a heater destined for aquariums.

You can observe when we put hot water in clear glass; the glass will most likely create a cloud or blur in the glass walls itself. That is what the clutch eggs desired for a healthy environment.

However, if you cannot add a heater to endanger some species in your tank, you can do it naturally. When I say naturally, drizzling the eggs with water will keep them damp, which results from using a heater.

But you should perform this task from time to time, mainly if you think that your egg wasn’t receiving enough moisture or humidity.

  1. You can withdraw the eggs from the aquarium after being there for two days.

You are eliminating the eggs in your aquarium as soon as you saw them can cause considerable damage. The time that they stay there above is not enough for them to harden.

Detaching them for the surface will only disconnect them from one another or even interrupt their hatching. They are fragile when not set and can be easily pinched without even giving a force.

Discarding the eggs requires a very delicate move without exerting force, of course. To a full withdrawn, you can detach these eggs by gently using your fingers.

  1. Evacuate them to a zone where they hatch without harm and interruption.

We withdrew the eggs into the aquariums for they can be the presence of predators in the tank. Some fishes in the tank can mistaken the eggs for foods and can even damage their delicate membrane.

Plus, your tank is too big for small particles like the eggs. Being cautious is better. Evacuating them will eliminate the chance of newly hatch snails submerging into the water that is too deep for them.

Getting on the surface is crucial for them to breathe in, and the typical aquarium is too big for them. Struggling to go to the surface should be put into action.

  1. Purchasing a breeding box for hatching.

The breeding box will help the eggs in their hatching. They would precisely be plunge into the breeding box without going to the bottom.

In hatching a mystery snail egg, you should observe the tone of its color. If eggs look too gray with areas that are colored white, they are ready to hatch. However, wait until the babies are coming out for safer hatching. You can help these babies by delicately stroking the eggs until they are removed.

  1. You now successfully hatched a snail egg!

Foods are vital to these babies. Grains from the coatings of the egg are the initial sustenance they will nourish. If the layers are fully consumed, provide them with foods that are for babies.

How long does it take for mystery snail eggs to hatch?

The snail’s eggs are most likely to be hatched after 14-21 days.

However, this still didn’t apply to all snail eggs. The hatching of eggs always depends on the environment of the eggs. If the egg has all the things it needed like proper humidity maintenance, it will not delay hatching.

A snail egg will differ in its color pigment when closed to hatching. A gray with white-colored areas is an indication that you can hatch the eggs after days or even for hours.

Do mystery snail eggs need to be in the water?

Snail eggs need to be in the water, but they only need the presence of it. The water that undergoes condensation is healthy for mystery egg snails. If snail eggs are dropped into the water, they will most likely not develop.

Keeping them moisturized from time to time is vital to help them fertilize.

But when the time comes that they are grown and have the strength to live in a typical aquarium, being in the water is crucial for these mystery snails. You can typically see them fastened into your aquarium glass, looking and eating algae.

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