11 Aquarium Fish That Like a Strong Current, and Fast-Moving Water

If you love taking care of fishes, particularly when you own an aquarium at home, you should be aware of the proper flow rate of your aquarium’s filter.

In that way you can minimize arising damage such as having dead zones, no need for frequent cleaning for it will linger longer and an environment that is enriched or healthy for the fishes. 

Having a high flow current in a freshwater aquarium is the best way to avoid dead spots in an aquarium for the current will be able to flow in each corner for the next four hours.

Though, some small fishes can be stressed out with a high flow current. If you have bigger fish such as tetras, barbs, and so on, feel free to implement high flow current for they will totally love it! 

Even adding decorations in our aquariums can be ineffective for the fishes, mostly if it is booming with decorations such as rocks, plants, caves, and such.

If you really want it to be pleasing in the eyes, you can add another filter. In a high flow current aquarium, embrace reef tanks in your aquariums for it helps for the flow to move faster, unlike plants which slowdowns the flow of current.

Below is a list of fishes that like high flow in the aquarium.

Most of the fishes that can live in a high flow current aquarium are those that are small in size and whose natural habitat is found in free-flowing streams or rivers.


Danios is famous for beginners because they are comfortable with a wide range of temperatures. Their natural habitats are those streams that are fast-flowing, that’s why it is best in a high flow aquarium.

Aside from being easy to take care of, they are also trouble-free for they don’t cause harm to other fishes though cover on the top of the aquarium is recommended for they swam mostly on the surface, there’s a tendency that they might jump out. Plus, a school of them is stunning to look at!

Hillstream Loaches

Hillstream Loaches may look like a catfish at first sight, but there are definitely different! They don’t last in an ordinary aquarium or a low flow current.

Unlike most of the fishes, they are kind of territorial so putting a single loach in your aquarium may not work out unless there are at least 3 to 4 of them.

They are known for having powerful suctions for they eat on surfaces that are frequently hit by strong water flow.

Gold Barbs

Having Gold Barbs in an aquarium isn’t stressful at all because they can adapt to any water conditions and don’t require anything except for food.

They can be found in free-flowing streams so they live with a high flow current.

Flying Fox Fish

Like others, this Flying Fox will be seen in free-flowing waters that’s why it only lives with aquariums that generate strong flow. They grow up to 6 inches long and can live up in an aquarium for almost 8 years.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows

Aside from being able to live in a high flow current aquarium, they can also be a beginner fish for they are not handful to take care of.

They can be seen in rivers in China however, it is now hard to see them in their natural habitat today.

In the middle of the tank, you can see them exposing their bright colors and they are not fond of hiding mainly if the habitat is well-maintained.

Panda Garra

Panda Garra or also known as “Garra Flavatra ”, are very adaptable when it comes to habitat for they can live both in a fast-moving and slow-moving water aquarium.

Even though Gaara have the same appearance as loaches or catfish, they are all not in the same kind of species. However, all of them can be seen swimming in the open and eating algae.


Rasboras are also linked with Danios, Barbs, and Minnows when it comes to characteristics. Excluding the fact that Rasboras can live in medium-small sized aquariums and eat insects such as worms.

Rubber Lipped Pleco

Similar to loaches, they also have large gills to help them breathe, eat, and to be attached. This Rubber Pleco does not grow that much even so they needed a large aquarium. It is best to buy Pleco that is young so that it can adapt easily to the foods that it can get in the aquarium.


This Rainbowfish has over 50 species around the world. Named as Rainbowfish for their shiny colors change whenever being reflected light.

They are popular among aquarium owners and stress-free to handle for they can live in both fast and slow-moving water as long as serene environments are given.

This species is shy nor they love to swim around so a large aquarium is required. The most fascinating thing about them is that the male Rainbowfishes tend to change their color to attract females.

Yoyo Loach

Stands out in the crowd of different fish species in an aquarium, thanks to its light blue color dark bands that complement its silver-colored skin.

Yoyo Loach is pleasing and peaceful to look at, yet it tends to fight with other species and can be put together with other aggressive species. Mostly seen at the bottom of aquarium tanks searching for food or hiding in plants and rocks.

Silver Hatchet

Silver Hatchet only lives in water that has a strong condition of the filter. Its shape made them different from others. They are inclined in hiding however, they don’t stay at the bottom so provide a decoration that they can use as hiding in the middle of the tank. Hatchet’s are shy yet when they are in the wild, they use their wings to attack other species. 

Bamboo Shrimp

Unique with other species, this freshwater aquarium shrimp can live in a high flow aquarium and can be brought to local stores, just check if it has a complete set of legs and a healthy color.

It may not be stressful to take care of, but there are still things you need to remember if you want to buy this species. Avoidance of using copper for it may kill them and whenever you cannot see them normally in the aquarium, they are in hiding for a long period of time even without eating, for they are getting ready to molt.


In this article, we’ve learned that owning an aquarium, taking care of fishes, and adding decorations, as simple as it seems, still needs proper knowledge. Having an aquarium that has a high flow in curret can be easy and fun if you’ve done it right.

Aside from the given list above of fishes that can live in a strong current, here are some more: Cory Catfish, Monster Fish, and Sailfin Shiner.

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