Ghost Shrimp Water Parameters and Care

Ghost shrimp are constantly eating away algae making them helpful for lightly cleaning your aquarium, and they’re bigger than say a cherry shrimp, so they can be fun to watch. Water parameters for this shrimp should be clean and kept in well condition. They’re relatively inexpensive so they can also be used as feeder shrimp.

Ghost shrimp kept in a good water parameters tank.
Ghost shrimp

Ghost shrimp water parameters

So let’s go over a little bit of the water parameters and info in regards to the ghost shrimp, in case you decide you’d like to keep them for yourself. the ghost shrimp comes to us from the fresh and brackish waters around the world and should be kept in well fresh and brackish waters. They’re adaptive to different water temperatures but try to keep them with a temperature between 70 and 80 degrees to keep them healthy.

The ghost shrimp can be delicate at times, in fact, if you take home a group of them it’s almost guaranteed that you will lose one or two of them. So keep that in mind when you’re deciding how many you want to take home.

For more information about keeping shrimp in your tank, check this link.


Their life spans aren’t that long either and if you’re picking up a larger shrimp that means that they’re already mature and won’t live too long in your tank.

Ghost shrimp as live food

If you plan on using ghost shrimp as live foods, for say eight larger fish, I recommend you keep them for what I like to call “a month of culmination”, in my opinion, you should culminate any and all live feeders by keeping them for a month and feeding them a nutritious diet. Overfeeding is actually recommended just make sure you’re not dirtying your aquarium. Sometimes feeder fish aren’t that healthy in this period of culmination, allows you to ensure that your feeders are healthy and fat.

Pregnant Ghost Shrimp
Pregnant Ghost Shrimp

Ghost shrimp as algae cleaner

If you plan to keep ghost shrimp as pets or to help out with algae they’ll appreciate live plants strong filtration and calm currents. You should also keep them with small peaceful fish of the shrimp and snails. they will eat literally anything but sinking granules, pellets and wafers work best.


Care LevelEasy
Color formClear, Yellow
Water Conditions70 – 80
Maximum Size2″
Minimum tank size10 gallons

And with that, there is your introduction to the care and info in regards to the ghost shrimp.