What Is the Difference Between Guppy and Betta?

One of the most common questions we get is what is the difference between guppy and betta? This article will answer that question for you!

Guppies and bettas are both very popular aquarium fish. But, some people do not know the difference between them. The easiest way to recognize them is by the tail fin.

Bettas have a long graceful flowing tail while guppies have short stubby tails. This feature alone distinguishes the two even though they look similar in many ways.

Betta is a long slender fish with an average life span of three years, while guppies are smaller averaging 1-2 inches in length and live about 1-2 years.

Guppy fish

Guppies are small freshwater fish of the family Poeciliidae. Guppies are often kept as pets in aquariums. The name “guppy” is a colloquial term and seems to have been coined in the early 1800s by American ichthyologist Dr. Theodore Gill for informal use among his students at Harvard University, derived from the appearance of these fish’s eyes.

Guppies live in all kinds of water, including shallow streams, high mountain lakes, deep gravel beds, and temporary puddles under shrubs or overhanging grasses.

The more typical habitat of the guppy is a quiet, shallow water pool within or at the margin of dense vegetation in warm climates. The two main types of guppies are:

Those found in brackish waters

Those inhabiting freshwaters.

Guppies vary greatly in size; some species males reach a maximum length of only 2.5 centimeters (1 inch), while others can reach a maximum length of 9.4 centimeters (3.7 inches).

Guppies are omnivorous, eating insects, algae, and other small organisms.

Betta fish

Betta fish are fascinating creatures that can adapt to different environments and are relatively easy to care for.

You can keep your betta fish in a small bowl but it will most likely die within a few weeks. Therefore, do not keep the betta fish in a small tank.

Betta’s are tropical and require warm water which should be kept at a constant temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius.

The best place to put your betta fish tank is a spot that gets natural sunlight.

Can I put a betta and guppies in the same aquarium?

Yes, you can. Bettas and guppies are both freshwater fish. They prefer to live in tanks with lots of plants. They are both schooling fish and can be kept in groups of six to eight.

Will female bettas attack guppies?

Female bettas can be a bit aggressive. You should place the guppies in the aquarium first and wait for them to settle before adding the betta fish.

Why do bettas chasing guppies?

The most common reason why bettas chase after guppies is because they look similar in size. Bettas often confuse the smaller guppies for females and try to mate with them.

This often causes problems as betta fish can be very aggressive towards other fish that they find to closely resemble females of their species. This is especially true if the betta is an older fish.

Should I get guppies or a betta?

Guppies and Bettas are two different types of fish. If you want a type of fish that’s easy to take care of, go with guppies because they’re smaller. Bettas require a tank that is longer than it is wide, they need colder water – 78 degrees or lower (not room temperature), and lots of places for them to hide.

The other thing about Bettas is that they need space from each other so they can be themselves without worrying about an annoyed neighbor getting close enough to peck their tail-fin out or bite off their fins!

Which fish is easier to keep, a betta fish or a guppy?

The answer is Guppy!

There are many reasons why guppy is easier to keep, but the main reason is because of their nature.

Guppies are peaceful fish, most of which will not attack other fish or each other.

Bettas on the other hand naturally fight with each other as well as any fish that looks like a betta’s natural enemies. Their aggression towards one another is what makes them great fighters and such desirable pets for people that want to show their fish.

Guppies and bettas can be kept together if you’re willing to keep a close eye on them, and therefore the guppy is easier to care for.

Guppy or Betta: Which is better?

When it comes down to these two fishes the first thing I am going to say is that both are great additions to any fish tank.

However, if you are looking for a good starter fish or an easy one to take care of that is what I would recommend a guppy over the betta fish.

If you want to have something large and really entertaining then the betta fits that description.

Are guppies fin nippers?

Guppies, like most fish, can be fin nippers. They are not the only fish to do this; tetras and many other community fish can also nibble fins.

However, it’s very unlikely that guppies will actually bite your betta’s tail or fins. The worst they will usually do is nibble the betta’s flank while chasing him around the tank.

Bettas are also fin-biters and can really hurt a guppy if he wants to. (The power of the betta’s spiky teeth is more than a guppy can handle.)

The best way to avoid fin nipping is to keep your fish well-fed (not overfeeding) and give them plenty of space. Betta fish are very territorial, so you should always place at least one or two hiding spots for each of the fish in your tank.


The more typical habitat of the guppy is a quiet, shallow water pool within or at the margin of dense vegetation in warm climates. Guppies vary greatly in size; some species males reach a maximum length of only 1 inch, while others can reach a maximum length of 3.7 inches.

The guppies are omnivorous, eating insects, algae, and other small organisms as well as mating with larger fish like bettas when they mistake them for females because their coloring is similar to that which female guppies have on their flanks during the breeding season.

Female betta fish may attack smaller male guppies if they think they are trying to mate with them but it’s unlikely that a guppy will misunderstand and attack a betta because of it.