26 Anabantoids Fish Species – Gourami, Betta, Paradise Fish, and More

Dwarf Gourami

SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH Betta splendens Distribution: Southeast Asia, centered on Thailand but the precise natural distribution of these fish is unclear, because they have been introduced to many separate localities in the region. The discovery of closely related species in Thailand supports the view that the original natural distribution of these fish was relatively small, … Read more

Betta and Shrimp in a 10-Gallon Tank, and Betta Tank Mates for 10-Gallon

Betta with Shrimp

Bettas are pretty solitary creatures. They don’t typically like to be around their own kind, much less a bunch of other fish. That’s not to say you can’t have happy, healthy betta in a community tank, but there are definitely considerations. I’d guess that most people are going to have a betta tank on the … Read more

Make Indoor Betta Pond Planter Pot

Make Your Own Indoor Betta Pond Planter Pot

In this post, I wanted to describe to you my setup for a Betta fish pond. Instead of keeping them in the usual clear aquarium, I wanted to try and set up an environment that would give them more privacy and be more like their natural habitat. What should be the size of the betta … Read more