26 Anabantoids Fish Species – Gourami, Betta, Paradise Fish, and More

Dwarf Gourami

SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH Betta splendens Distribution: Southeast Asia, centered on Thailand but the precise natural distribution of these fish is unclear, because they have been introduced to many separate localities in the region. The discovery of closely related species in Thailand supports the view that the original natural distribution of these fish was relatively small, … Read more

Gourami Bubble Nest – Breeding, and Common Gourami Species

Gourami Bubble Nest

Gouramis have evolved several different breeding strategies. Some species lay their eggs and move on with no care for the young. Other species build nests out of bubbles on the surface (some species’ eggs float; other species’ eggs sink), other species produce hidden, submerged bubble nests, and still, others are themselves nests, carrying their eggs … Read more