How Do I know If my Betta Fish Is Happy?

So most of us have probably heard the idea that if your betta builds a bubble nest, then that means they’re happy. That’s not necessarily true, because a bubble nest is breeding behavior.

How To Tell If a Betta Fish Is Happy?

So how you tell your fish is really happy, it’s basically two things: that he or she is moving pretty much constantly, it only rests a little bit, and that they are curious and interested in the environment around them.

So the first thing about the fish, not laying and resting all the time, that’s just if the fish is happy then he has things to look at, and he has reasons to swim around and everything. He’s not fatigued, and everything like that he goes and like rests on the leaf for a little bit and then gets back up and swims again that’s fine.

Betta Fish Tank
Betta Fish Tank

But if he’s laying on the bottom for long periods, then that’s not so great, and then for he’s looking around and exploring and everything, he should be curious about an environment. Betta fish do seem to appreciate their tank being moved around changed a little bit every once in a while, so they have new things to explore.

Add Decorations

So if you have like tree decorations in your tank or whatever, maybe put them all in one corner one time, and then a couple of months later, maybe have them all spread out and then maybe put one on one side of the tank, and two on the other or something like that. So they can explore different areas.

Betta Tank Decorations
Betta Tank Decorations

You can also put things outside of the tank, like pictures or action figures, whatever you want to, and they’ll actually look at that stuff too because they don’t just look at stuff that’s in the tank. So it’s another thing that you can do to keep them curious.

In Conclusion

So remember, a happy betta fish is one that doesn’t rest all that often, but for long periods, and they are exploring their environment.

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