Freshwater Refugium: Setup, Plants & How to Make DIY Refugium

Freshwater Refugium

Why people use freshwater refugium with their tanks? To preserve and provide a robust food chain of invertebrates, the freshwater refugium is highly recommended. For a 5-gallon aquarium with 6 average tetras, for example, the invertebrate population within the aquarium would not likely produce enough food to keep the fish well fed. A few worms … Read more

Diy Co2 Vs Pressurized, ISTA Co2 Kit and Diffuser Set (Review)

Co2 in Your Planted Tank: Diy Co2 Vs Pressurized

Co2 is a key component of photosynthesis. During the day, plants use energy from the sun along with water and Co2, to create or synthesize sugars that they can use for energy and growth. So without adequate Co2, no matter how much light or nutrients you’re providing your plants, they may not be able to … Read more

Best Aquarium Heater for 75 Gallon (2022 Review)

Best Aquarium Heater: Features, Pros & Cons

Thermostatic aquarium heaters keep water temperature constant by switching the heating element on and off repeatedly. For this reason, they have a relatively short life-span, and should be replaced every two years or so. Although good-quality heaters are reliable, it is wise to put a separate thermometer in the tank to pick up any irregularities … Read more