Are Protein Skimmers Necessary in a Saltwater Aquarium?

Are Protein Skimmers Necessary in a Saltwater Aquarium?

Keeping a saltwater aquarium successfully depends on a lot of things working together cohesively. Like in any aquarium, the filtration plays a big role in ensuring that a saltwater tank and all of its inhabitants stay as healthy as possible. It is also in this respect that saltwater tanks somewhat differ from their freshwater counterparts. … Read more

Fish Tank Volume Calculator – Cylindrical, Rectangular, and More

Calculate Fish Tank Volume

Glass aquariums were once made with stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic frames, but these have largely disappeared from the market and you will not find them in pet shops. If you should be given such an old-fashioned framed glass tank, seek advice on how to clean it thoroughly and seal all the joints with silicone. … Read more

Can I Give Human Vitamins for Aquarium Fish? Do They Need Vitamins?

Vitamins and Minerals For A Fish

The necessary vitamins are probably supplied in sufficient amounts when fish are given a varied diet, so vitamin supplements are usually unnecessary. There are, nevertheless, situations when doses of vitamins in empirical quantities do seem justified – when certain species do not deposit fertilized eggs, for instance, or in periods of food scarcity when the … Read more

Water Temperature in Fish Tank – How to Adjust It in Your Aquarium?

Water Temperature in Fish Tank

The water temperature in your aquarium has a bigger role than you may think. Since fish are cold-blooded creatures the slightest change of even a few degrees to result with dramatically different behaviors and actions. If you understand how temperature affects your fish, you can use temperature to your advantage, and your fish will significantly … Read more

Nutrition for Aquarium Fish – Fats, Carbohydrates, Proteins & Enzymes

Nutrition for Aquarium Fish

Metabolism is the sum of the processes whereby body tissues are built up and broken down. The chemical changes that occur provide energy for life functions and enable the organism to transform nourishment into new body tissue. Limitations of space prevent us from discussing these processes in great detail. However, the following general discussion of … Read more

11 Most Amazing Aquarium in The World

Most Amazing Aquarium in The World

Here are the Most Amazing Aquarium in The World Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu Outdoor Aquarium Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu one-of-a-kind outdoor aquarium is located in Turkey. He built the aquarium as a fence and so the aquarium circles around the outside of his mansion. The aquarium is 164 feet long and full of a variety of fish. … Read more