5 Best Water Conditioner for a Shrimp Tank

Almost 300 species of shrimp are present here in the world, and they are recommended for beginners for they are trouble and hassle-free to take care of, plus they are recognized for being an algae-eater which is a great benefit to fishkeepers for they help to lessen the presence of algae in an aquarium and for we all know, there is no aquarium that has a 100% algae-free environment.

Every species of shrimp, like other fishes, have their own water requirement. They can be seen literally everywhere for they can live in both fresh and saltwater such as in seafloors and even in rivers and lakes.

Knowing that water requirements are crucial to all water species, having a water pH level of 7.5 to 9.0 is the desired level for the shrimp to survive in a tank. To avoid stunt growth, never let the water’s pH level drop up to 5.0 below for neutralizing the acidity in a tank is important.

Below are the best water conditioners for shrimp that will help us provide a healthier environment for it to wipe out the presence of metals, chlorine, and chloramine and for additional nutrients as well.

Best water conditioner for shrimp

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Aqueon Shrimp Essentials

Since shrimps are invertebrates, they undergo molting and osmoregulation, and this water conditioner just not eliminates unnecessary toxins but provides them the nutrients they need to help shrimps change exoskeleton and strengthen the newly developed ones.

Even if you already have a good parameter in your tank, some fishkeepers are still experiencing trouble when it comes to a successful molting of shrimps, with the help of this water conditioner, our shrimps will thrive and will easily cast off their exoskeleton to change for a more massive one.

It can also be used for crawfish and lobsters.

Kordon AmQuel Plus

Removes all the toxins present in the water such as ammonia, excess chlorine, chloramine, presence of metal, and so on. This water conditioner will lessen the need to clean our tanks on a daily basis.

It is a fast-action water conditioner turning your tank to a 0% ammonia presence. A bottle contains 16 oz which is a great deal for its price, plus it can be used multiple times. Make sure that you put the desired amount of AmQuel Plus in your tank, for excessive usage can cause harm to the shrimps.

If you are having trouble controlling the water condition in your tank, changes in nitrate and ammonia level at all times, this water conditioner will help you reach 0%. It also reduces the obligation of changing water. With that, it is a good thing if we have this one at our homes.

Seachem Prime

Meet good results with Prime, it can be used in fresh and saltwater tanks that get rid of toxins. It helps the biofilter present in our tanks by changing ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate into a non-toxic structure that can be removed by the biofilter.

Usage of Prime will not change the pH level of your tank, thus if you are using tap water, the metals present will be drawn out with the help of this water conditioner. In 24 hour less, water conditions will be too good that will last for days lessening the need to change water tanks.

Unlike other water conditioners, Prime focuses on natural products and rebuilding slime coats instead of depending on artificial slime compounds.

API Stress Coat Water Conditioner

API Stress Coat helps tap water to have a safe and toxic-free environment for your tanks. Since tap water contains harmful substances that can cause harm such as stress and tissue damage, using this API water conditioner will help shrimps to thrive in an environment that is good for them.

This is not your typical water conditioner for this carries aloe vera that acts as an antiviral and antibacterial in cultured shrimps. As for fishes, it helps to reduce their stress and repair damaged tissues.

It can be used in freshwater, saltwater, and reef aquariums that keep both the water and fish/shrimps healthier as they are.

Tetra AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner

In just a second, magic happens with this Tetra water conditioner. Removing the unwanted water qualities present in tap water: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, chlorine, and chloramine.

Aside from removing toxins, it consists of beneficial ingredients such as natural biopolymers to filter bacteria for clearer water and nourishing the bacterial bed to lessen pollution in the tank.

Alike to Prime, it also has slime coating for easily healing wounds and protection for abrasions. The distinctive colloid ingredients guard the delicate parts of fishes/shrimps, essentially their membranes and gills that they used to breathe.

Is a water conditioner safe for shrimp?

Shrimps are sensitive to chemicals so it is essential to use a water conditioner for them to thrive. Water conditioners get rid of copper, iron, or lead that are very dangerous to shrimp, if they are exposed to them, they would as likely to die in just a few hours.

That’s why there are water conditioners in the market to prevent this from happening particularly that most fishkeepers used tap water as water tanks.

Usage of water conditioners won’t change the pH level of your water tank so there’s no need to worry. Plus, the presence of ammonia and nitrite will be 0 once tested after using water conditioners which is a great help for the shrimps.

However, proper usage is necessary and it is important to follow the desired amount of water conditioners that you will buy.

Is a stress coat safe for shrimp?

Stress coats are used mainly in tap water for this water conditioner can remove lead or copper from metal pipes. As we know it, preventing the cause of water species is essential in order for them to live longer and this kind of water conditioner works.

It can be used with both fishes and shrimps that provide different benefits to both of them such as the slim coating and aloe vera found in the ingredients.

A stress coat water conditioner helps shrimp to have an environment that is free from toxins. Even Though it contains slim coats that are only beneficial to fishes, it doesn’t have a negative effect on shrimps.

Plus, one of the examples of stress coat water conditioners is API, which provides extra benefits to shrimp for the aloe vera it contains and acts as an antiviral and antibacterial to them.

Can cherry shrimp live in tap water?

Cherry shrimps’ natural habitat are streams that are slow-moving. They most likely want to be kept alone in RO water with no other species in the tank, given also the fact that their sizes can easily be eaten.

They are sensitive to copper and lead that may be present to tap water because of the pipe metal it goes to. In order for the shrimp to live in tap water, used chlorine and chloramine disinfection and a water conditioner to ensure that all toxins will be removed.

The presence of nitrite and ammonia should be 0ppm all the time, for it can cause diseases and immune system failures.

In using tap water as a water tank, allow the water first to flow directly to drainage before getting water for the tank. This will lessen the existence of lead or copper in the water.

Can I use tap water for a shrimp tank?

Tap water is unsecured and there are frequent changes to the water, adding the fact that there are contaminants. Using tap water in aquariums is risky for the water will most likely stay there unless removed, unlike lakes and rivers where there is a continuous flow of water.

Tap water consists of chlorine that is harmful to the shrimps and most likely will kill them. Thus, using tap water can be possible if you will dechlorinate the water first. If a shrimp is put into tap water, it will surely die after 3 hours or so.

Water conditioners can help to kill contaminants present in tap water such as ammonia. Testing the tap water is necessary for you to know the level of pH, ammonia, and nitrite.

If you will be inserting a filter, use a sponge filter or a Hang On Back for it to be safe for small shrimps or babies.

There is also a natural way to dechlorinate water by boiling it first. However, testing is a must after to make sure that it will be healthy to be used as a shrimp tank.

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