Betta and Shrimp in a 10-Gallon Tank, and Betta Tank Mates for 10-Gallon

Betta with Shrimp

Bettas are pretty solitary creatures. They don’t typically like to be around their own kind, much less a bunch of other fish. That’s not to say you can’t have happy, healthy betta in a community tank, but there are definitely considerations. I’d guess that most people are going to have a betta tank on the … Read more

Angelfish Food – The Best Food for Angelfish

Food for Angelfish

The Angelfish (scientifically known as Pterophyllum) is a small genus of freshwater fish from the Cichlidae family. The Angelfish originates from the Amazon Basin, Orinoco Basin, and various other rivers located in tropical South America. Angelfish have laterally compressed and round bodies with elongated triangular dorsal and anal-fin. This elongated and thin body shape allows … Read more

9 Best Cold Water Pond Fish

Coldwater Aquarium Fish

Coldwater fish don’t need a heater in your home or in your pond and can still thrive. Changing in water temperature can trigger spawning behavior. Diet for those fish can be pellets and live foods.

Substrate Spawners Cichlids and Mouthbrooding Cichlids

Substrate Spawners Cichlids and Mouthbrooding Cichlids

Cichlids are a fascinating group of fish to breed because, as far as we know, all species practice brood care of some sort. They are usually divided into two main groups: mouthbrooders and substrate-spawners. However, things are nowhere near as clear-cut as this, since these two main categories can be subdivided depending on who cares … Read more

Koi Types: Varieties, Colors, Feeding, Nutrition & Growth

The Complete Guide to Koi: Varieties, Colors, Feeding, Nutrition & Growth

A few fish inspire greater devotion than koi. These large ornamental carp have now established a dedicated following in the West, matching that which they enjoy in their Japanese homeland. Most Koi types were developed primarily for the beauty of their colors and patterning when viewed from above. This led to great interest in breeding … Read more

Bumblebee Goby: Tank Mates, Care, Diet, and Breeding

The Complete Bumblebee Goby Guide: Habitat, Diet and Breeding

Bumblebee gobies (Brachygobius) are suitable for those of you who cannot keep a large brackish water aquarium because they will be quite happy in a 10-20 gallons tank. Although these fishes are small, we do not recommend using anything smaller than this because it is more difficult to maintain good water conditions in a small … Read more

Guppy Species: Care Guide

Guppy Care Guide: Overview, Species, And Breeding

Guppy is one of the best known of all tropical fish, the guppy is named after Rev.Thomas Guppy, who identified it on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. The several thousand species available to aquarists today are far removed from their wild ancestors and can be found in a wide range of colors and with many … Read more