Do Fish Get Bored in the Aquarium?

Do Fish Get Bored in an Aquarium?

A quarantine is worse for people who don’t have enough entertainment or things to do at home. People feel bored for the reason that they are already familiar with the surrounding, there is nothing new to see, you already read the books available and played every game. Identical to fishes, they are feeling bored, too. … Read more

Bumblebee Goby: Tank Mates, Care, Diet, and Breeding

The Complete Bumblebee Goby Guide: Habitat, Diet and Breeding

Bumblebee gobies (Brachygobius) are suitable for those of you who cannot keep a large brackish water aquarium because they will be quite happy in a 10-20 gallons tank. Although these fishes are small, we do not recommend using anything smaller than this because it is more difficult to maintain good water conditions in a small … Read more

Guppy Species: Care Guide

Guppy Care Guide: Overview, Species, And Breeding

Guppy is one of the best known of all tropical fish, the guppy is named after Rev.Thomas Guppy, who identified it on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. The several thousand species available to aquarists today are far removed from their wild ancestors and can be found in a wide range of colors and with many … Read more