All About Blue Oranda Goldfish

All About Blue Oranda Goldfish

Goldfish are a type of fish that can be found in many different colors. The most common color is orange, but they can also be red, yellow, black, white, and blue. The blue oranda goldfish is a special type of goldfish that has a blue body with a white hood. They are a beautiful sight … Read more

Do Goldfish Needs Live Plants?

Do Goldfish Needs Live Plants

The basic needs of a goldfish are oxygen, food, and shelter. Aquatic plants can provide all three. Do Goldfish needs live plants? Why are plants important? Although, with the selected diet you’ll be giving your goldfish, and with a proper filtration and aeration system, food and oxygen are insignificant contributions of aquarium plants. They need … Read more

How Often Do Goldfish Need Feeding? Best Goldfish Food&Types of Food

How Often Feed Goldfish

There is much more to feeding your goldfish than you may realize. It is important that you follow specific guidelines, as well as understand that you can’t just feed your fish anything when you feel like it. It’s not that goldfish are picky creatures; on the contrary, the reason is that goldfish are actually pigs … Read more