Rainbow Fish Species: Types of Small Rainbow Fish

Rainbowfish: Species, Water Conditions, and Breeding

Rainbowfishes have been known in the aquarium trade for many years. until recently only a few species have been commonly available. Of these only Telmatherina ladigesi (Celebes rainbowfish), Bedotia geayi (Madagascar rainbowfish), and Melanotaenia splendida (eastern rainbowfish) have made any real impression. The last species is often referred to as Melanotaenia nigrans but the latter … Read more

7 Brackish Water Fish – How Much Salt Do You Need for Brackish Water?

Brackish Water Fish: How Much Salt, Maintenance and Fish Species

The conditions encountered by brackish fish species living in estuaries and mangroves, where freshwater and saltwater meet, can be recreated in a brackish water aquarium. The equipment required is much the same as for freshwater aquariums, but the substrate is usually sandy, so power filters are more appropriate than undergravel systems. How Much Salt You … Read more

How To Setup Tank For Peacock Cichlid

Peacock Cichlids Tank Setup

Peacock Cichlids are a variety of fishes whose origin can be traced back to Lake Malawi, and they come in various vibrant colors. These colorful fishes are one of the most loved and praised fishes by aquarium lovers. These are the swiftest swimmers, and they hunt for food at the bottom. Their vivid colors and … Read more

Discus Fish Types, Care, Facts, and Natural Habitat

Discus Fish Care Guide

Discus fish require a lot of needs and demands to be happy; it could be a great challenge keeping types of discus fish if you are not prepared for the task. You may have heard many people tell the story of how they failed; you do not have to worry, with this post, you would … Read more