Ideal Water Conditions For Discus Fish: tds, Temperature, pH & Hardness

Water Conditions For Discus Fish

In order for discus to thrive and develop properly, a well-planned aquarium set-up with good water parameters should be utilized. It is impractical to duplicate the backwaters of the South American rivers, but an adequate substitute can be provided. Do discus need daily water changes? Discus do exceptionally well with a frequent water change since … Read more

Discus Fish Diseases and Treatment

Discus Fish Diseases and Treatment

Throughout the course of their lives, discus fish are likely to fall ill at one time or another. While the disease cannot be completely avoided, keeping water quality in the tank high and providing a healthy, varied diet can help keep discus fish healthy. In the event that discus fish do fall ill, however, it … Read more

Discus Fish Types, Care, Facts, and Natural Habitat

Discus Fish Care Guide

Discus fish require a lot of needs and demands to be happy; it could be a great challenge keeping types of discus fish if you are not prepared for the task. You may have heard many people tell the story of how they failed; you do not have to worry, with this post, you would … Read more