Amazon Frogbit Plant Care

Amazon Frogbit Plant Care

The amazon frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) is a floating aquatic plant native to the amazon basin. It has round, dark green leaves with white undersides, and produces small, white flowers. The amazon frogbit is easy to care for and can be kept in a variety of aquatic habitats. It prefers warm water and does best in … Read more

Aquaponics Plants: What Are the Best Plants for Aquaponics Fish Tank

Optimizing Your Aquaponic System

This post will give you some tips for the optimization of your aquaponic system. We will take a brief look at the plant choices per system, propagating plants, plant diversity, fish polycultures, supplementing fish feed, as well as precautionary additions for your aquaponic system. Top Plants for Aquaponics Fish Tank One way to optimize your … Read more

7 Tips for How to Keep Live Plants in an Aquarium – Lighting & Substrate

Grow Healthy Freshwater Plants in Your Planted Aquarium

In this post, I wrote things that will make a difference in your tank quickly, and you will learn how to keep live plants in your tank, and how to succeed in growing healthy plants in your planted aquarium. Freshwater Plants Lighting Having good lighting in an aquarium is super important because plants use the … Read more

8 Best Floating Aquarium Plants

Floating Plants: Water Conditions, Propagation, And Care

Aquarium floating plants are chosen less for their appearance than those growing in the main body of the tank, and more for their function. They provide spawning sites and food for many fish species, and also give cover and help to diffuse harsh aquarium lighting. Floating freshwater aquarium plants vary widely in both size and … Read more