Aquaponics Plants: What Are the Best Plants for Aquaponics Fish Tank

Optimizing Your Aquaponic System

This post will give you some tips for the optimization of your aquaponic system. We will take a brief look at the plant choices per system, propagating plants, plant diversity, fish polycultures, supplementing fish feed, as well as precautionary additions for your aquaponic system. Top Plants for Aquaponics Fish Tank One way to optimize your … Read more

Hydroponic vs. Aquaponic Gardens: The Differences, and Which Is Better?

How Aquaponics Works: the Symbiosis Between Fish, Plant & Bacteria

At its most basic, aquaponics is nothing more than a plant grown in symbiosis (a mutually-beneficial relationship) with fish or other aquatic creatures. If you have weeds or plants in your aquarium, you are practicing aquaponics. An aquaponics system is closed-system permaculture with three components: Fish Plants Bacteria These three components live side-by-side and work … Read more