UV Light for Aquarium Plants [5 Reasons You Need It for Your Planted Tank]

Home planted tanks are a popular way to keep fish and plants in the comfort of your home. While these setups can be rewarding, they also require an investment of time and money that many people cannot afford. One key piece of equipment that is essential for any planted tank is a UV sterilizer. This article will give you five reasons why you need a UV sterilizer for your planted tank, and answer some of the questions people ask bout UV.

5 Reasons You Need UV Sterilizer

UV sterilizer helps keep water clear and clean.

A UV sterilizer helps in keeping the water clear and clean because it kills most of the organisms that would grow in the tank. These organisms can be harmful to the planted tank, especially algae which can take over the planted tank pretty easily if not treated properly.

A UV sterilizer is one of the most important pieces of equipment to have in your planted freshwater tank and without it, you will not be able to keep the planted tank as beautiful and spotless as you want it to be.

UV sterilizers also prevent algae from growing as much on glass, rocks, or decorations in planted tanks. This allows live plants to grow faster because there is more space for them without having to worry about algae competing for the nutrients they need, which should lead to healthier plants.

UV sterilizer kills algae that can hurt planted tank plants 

UV sterilizers use high-intensity ultraviolet light to kill algae that can hurt planted tank plants. It also kills most pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses that can infect your planted tank.

They allow planted tanks to have better water clarity. This is due to the fact that you no longer have to worry about algae or other microbial growths growing in your aquarium. UV sterilizers will almost completely eliminate these issues from happening, so this gives you a very good chance of having your planted tank be crystal clear all the time.

UV sterilizers help planted tanks grow healthier plants because they won’t get infected by any harmful microbial infections. Plants with healthy roots are more likely to grow strong plants because it uses up fewer nutrients than if the plant has problems with its root system.

It helps keep fish safe from harmful diseases. Fish can catch bacterial infections and other harmful pathogens that can be deadly to fish if they live in planted tanks with dirty water.

UV sterilizers have a low cost of operation, so they are easy to maintain.

One of the many benefits of UV sterilizers is their low cost of operation. Because they just use electricity and no water, these types of filters are easy to maintain and will not need changing like a standard filter.

Also, UV sterilizers are much more efficient than other planted tank filter types.

This means you will not need to replace them as often. They also do not need as much maintenance or cleaning, which saves time and money that most planted tank owners don’t really have.

UV sterilizers help keep planted tank fish healthy.

Much like keeping a planted tank water clean, UV sterilizers are essential for keeping planted tank fish healthy. Fish can easily get sick if they live in dirty water with the wrong kind of organisms living in it.

This is because some of these organisms can cause disease in the fish and make them sick. With a good UV sterilizer, you should be able to maintain cleaner planted tank water so that your fish will not get infected by anything harmful.

It also helps keep your plants from having problems because planted tank plants are much more likely to get sick with dirty water.

UV sterilizers help fight diseases in planted tanks.

One of the main benefits of having a planted tank is how healthy the fish and plants will be in them. This is especially true if you have live aquatic plants, such as Anubias Barteri and Amazon Sword plants.

However, these planted tanks can face many issues that can lead to poor health for your fish and planted tank plants alike. A good UV sterilizer helps prevent these issues from happening by keeping the water clean so that there aren’t any harmful organisms that could cause problems or infections for your fish or planted tank plants.

Will a UV sterilizer kill plants?

Most planted tank plants will not be harmed by the UV light from a UV sterilizer, but it varies depending on the plant. It’s always best to research whether or not your plant will be negatively impacted by the UV light before introducing one of these devices into your planted tank setup.

Planted tanks rely on smooth water conditions. A UV sterilizer can help provide this and also keep them looking their best while doing so because plant roots are less likely to suffer from having mud, dirt, or algae buildup clogging them up with too much residual debris holding onto them for dear life and overfeeding off of nutrients that would otherwise go towards healthy root systems in a planted tank with clean water.

Where should I put the UV light in the aquarium?

The UV sterilizer light should be placed above the aquarium, as opposed to below it like a heater or filter would typically be. This will ensure that the UV water sterilizer light is evenly distributed throughout the planted tank.

Is a UV sterilizer safe for your plants?

This is actually somewhat controversial. While some claim that a UV sterilizer will not harm plants, others say that it might burn them and/or push nutrients out of their roots too quickly, which could be bad for their growth.

Before deciding to use one of these devices in your planted tank, make sure you research whether or not they are safe for the plants you have in there.

Should I run my UV sterilizer all the time? How long should it be on?

A UV sterilizer should be run for 8-12 hours every day, on a regular basis. You will need to make sure it is turned off from time to time, though. This includes overnight when you are asleep and the plants and fish in your tank are getting their rest as well.

In cases like this, you’ll either have to manually turn off your UV sterilizer or simply let it run for less than eight hours at a time so that there is no risk of the water in your aquarium becoming toxic or contaminated by the device.

Some people believe turning these machines off overnight while not using them can cause problems with algae growing because the lights won’t be shinning over night which would prevent algae growth. I’ve never had an issue with this personally, so I can’t confirm or deny this.

When should I shut off my UV sterilizer?

You should turn off your UV sterilizer when doing regular maintenance such as feeding fish food and cleaning up the waste matter that has collected around the aquarium gravel. You’ll want to leave the device off for at least 15 minutes while you do this.

You should also shut off your UV sterilizer for a full 24 hours after doing water changes and when testing out new fish in your setup as well. These are just precautions you’ll want to take to keep your planted tank looking its best and running smoothly, so it’s crucial that you follow them closely if you want your aquarium to thrive from being clean.

Will UV sterilizer kill hair algae?

While UV sterilizers will destroy free-floating algae in your aquarium water, they won’t kill hair algae due to their epiphytic (living on the surface of) nature. If you have a lot of hair algae, it might be worth trying a chemical treatment like Excel or even Algae Fix by Aquatronics to keep your planted tank looking good.

As always, do extensive research beforehand so that you know what steps to take in order to solve any problem you have with growing unwanted algae in your tank.

Does UV sterilizer kill parasites in your tank?

UV sterilizers are often used in hospitals, labs, and other scientific institutions to kill and/or weaken bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. that might be lurking around.

They’ll also eradicate any nitrifying or denitrifying bacteria (nitrospira) living on the surface of your tank or even in a filter so that you can start fresh with new beneficial microbial colonies when it comes to keeping your aquarium water clean from harmful chemicals like ammonia and nitrite which can lead to fish disease over time.

Will a UV sterilizer kill cyanobacteria?

Cyanobacteria, often known as “blue-green algae”, can be extremely harmful to fish and other organisms living in the water.

While UV sterilizers will not directly kill these single-celled organisms, they will destroy any free-floating cyanobacteria that have accumulated on the surface of your aquarium rocks and gravel so that harmful elements aren’t released into your tank’s underwater environment immediately after using them.

In conclusion

UV sterilizers are a necessary piece of equipment for any planted freshwater tank. They help to keep your water clean, clear, and free from harmful chemicals that can eventually lead to fish disease over time.

If you want the best possible results with your aquarium setup, make sure you research UV sterilizer safety before using them so they don’t harm plants or other organisms living in the water.

Remember that it’s important not to leave these devices on all day long because this will cause algae buildup overnight when lights aren’t shining down into the tank and also turn off during regular maintenance such as feeding fish food or cleaning up waste matter around gravel at least once every 24 hours.

When adding new animals to an existing set-up, be sure to use a UV sterilizer for at least 24 hours before turning it back on again to make sure that your plants and other inhabitants of the tank are safe.