Aquaponics Monitoring System: Test Kit and pH

Aquaponics System Monitoring and Maintenance

Although a well-run aquaponics system may require little actual maintenance, daily monitoring is essential. Fish and bacteria colonies are very fragile; small fluctuations in pH or even temperature can cause the destruction of the system within hours. Changes occur quickly, and plumbing malfunction can be disastrous, so the more often you can pass an eye … Read more

Nitrifying Bacteria for Aquaponics: How to Grow Bacteria?

Aquaponics and Bacteria - Essential Tiny Creatures

Aquaponics relies heavily on the work of nitrifying bacteria in order to prevent fish waste from reaching toxic levels. Bacteria, therefore, forms a vital link between the components of the aquaponic ecosystem, making it possible for plants to effectively filter water in the system. There are three main groups of bacteria which are necessary for … Read more

How Aquaponics Works: The Symbiosis Between Fish, Plant & Bacteria

How Aquaponics Works: the Symbiosis Between Fish, Plant & Bacteria

It is important even for the hobby aquaponic gardener to have a good understanding of the basic biological processes which form the bonds between the components of an aquaponics system. Without these processes taking place in due course, the system will not work. But when the system is working, it has the potential to provide … Read more