Puffer Fish – Tankmates and Diet

Saltwater and Freshwater Puffer Fish

Puffer fish is diverse in the tropics in every corner of the world including Asia or South America and others. Therefore, modern fishkeeping is popularly practiced with puffer fish diverse species. Basically, to raise pufferfish requires many precautions for a beginner. Many species of puffer fish known to be a naturally highly aggressive freshwater fish … Read more

12 Best Saltwater Fish for 55 Gallon Tank

Best Saltwater Fish for 55 Gallon Tank

Remember to choose a variety of species that will live throughout the water column from the top to the bottom. Your fish won’t be in a mad rush to compete for food and living space, and you’ll be happier when there are fish throughout your aquarium, instead of all in one area. You can find … Read more

Yellow Tang: What Is the Tank Size You Need? What Is Minimum Size?

Surgeonfish - Tangs

Tang species are not made out of mold nor different individuals of the same species act identically; all have their own predilection for getting along, adapting to captivity. Some species (e.g. Acanthurus Sohal, A. Lineatus, A. Olivaceus…) are notorious for being super-alpha animals, but even the lowliest Yellow Tang can become a terror. Choosing the … Read more