Growing Alternanthera Reineckii – Rosaefolia in a Planted Tank

Alternanthera reineckii is a plant that can be grown in a planted tank. Alternanthera reineckii belongs to the amaranthaceae family and is native to South America.

Alternanthera reineckii also goes by the common name of “Roseafolia” due to its rich, dark-purple, maroon colors. Alternanthera reineckii is tolerant of most soil types and has an upright habit and large, showy foliage.

Alternanthera reineckii’s growth time varies depending on the temperature range it is exposed to at different developmental stages.”

The plant can be grown in a planted tank, or even just a small one with no substrate. Alternanthera reineckii can be grown with other plants but is an aggressive plant and might overgrow more delicate plants.

How to plant alternanthera reineckii?

Alternanthera reineckii will grow best in a planted tank that has higher levels of light, and grows up to 1-2 feet tall and about 1.5-2 feet wide, the plant can also grow in low light, but will be less vibrant and may not spread out as much when grown under such conditions.”

Alternanthera reineckii should be kept in planted tanks with a substrate depth of around 3-4 inches to 5-7 inches. It prefers neutral to slightly acidic waters and water temperatures between 73-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does alternanthera reineckii need co2?

Alternanthera reineckii does not need any additional co2, but if you have a higher level of light, this plant will be more colorful. This plant needs to be planted at the surface. Alternanthera reineckii plants should be fertilized every 3 days.

Alternanthera reineckii water parameters

  • Temperature: 73-80°F / 23-27°C
  • pH 6.0~7.5
  • KH 5.5-6.5
  • GH 10

What type of light does Alternanthera reineckii like?

Alternanthera reineckii requires a higher level of light, it can be planted at the surface. The plant can be next to other live plants as well and not just floating plants, the plant needs more lighting to grow better.

Can I grow alternanthera reineckii emersed?

Yes, Alternanthera reineckii can be grown emersed, Alternanthera reineckii will grow well when placed in a cup of water. it likes to be planted at the surface or in a deeper substrate.

How do you trim Alternanthera reineckii? Altern

Alternanthera reineckii should be trimmed about once a month.

The best way to trim this plant is with a pair of scissors or clippers. After removing the excess plant matter, it can be replanted in the tank or in another container.

This plant is a stem plant and needs to be trimmed every month. Alternanthera reineckii should be pruned as needed so that they do not overgrow other plant species in the tank. The plant can be replanted.

Why Alternanthera reineckii turning green?

Alernanthera reineckii turns green when the plant is not receiving enough nutrients. it should be fertilized every 3 days with fertilizer or aquatic plant fertilizer. it also needs more light to grow better and more vibrant colors.

How do I propagate Alternanthera reineckii?

Alternanthera reineckii can be propagated by stem cuttings or leaf cuttings. This plant has a very quick growth rate.

Alternanthera reineckii has a tendency to grow algae and will need to be pruned regularly. It can reproduce very quickly when well cared for. Alternanthera reineckii is a stem plant with no special requirements but does better in floating or deeper substrate tanks.

Why do I have holes in the alternanthera reineckii leaves?

This is known as leaf spot disease. Alternanthera reineckii should be inspected regularly to prevent this from happening. It can grow in different types of tanks and does not need very much light, Alternanthera reineckii can also get holes in the leaves when there is a high concentration of nitrates and phosphates.

What are the differences between Alternanthera reineckii and mini?

  • Alternanthera reineckii mini can grow in low lighting, but Alternanthera reineckii will be better under high lighting.
  • Alternanthera reineckii mini is smaller than Alternanthera reineckii at about few inch tall.
  • Alternanthera reineckii mini can be found in pet stores and Alternanthera reineckii is more commonly available online or by trade with other hobbyists or store owners.
  • Alternanthera reineckii mini grows slightly slower than Alternanthera reineckii.
  • Alternanthera reineckii mini will spread much faster in the aquarium, but Alternanthera reineckii should be pruned.
  • Alternanthera reineckii mini has shorter leaves than Alternanthera reineckii.


If you are looking for a plant that doesn’t need much light, Alternanthera reineckii mini plant is the one to go with. If you have high lighting and want something more colorful, then choose Alternanthera reineckii.

The only thing to be careful of when choosing which type of alternathera renekii to grow in your tank is the quick growth rate and tendency towards algae if not pruned regularly.

Alternanthera reineckii growth rate varies depending on the nutrients and lighting.

You can get a plant that has grown very well with less intense light, but to achieve maximum color levels, more light is required than would be used for faster-growing plants such as hygrophila corymbosa or wisteria.

Alternanthera reineckii is a stem plant that will colonize in the tank, but it can be trimmed and replanted if needed. This plant does better under moderate light levels (2-3 watts per gallon) and reacts negatively to high levels of nutrients.

Alternanthera reineckii does best when trimmed monthly. It will not grow as well if left alone for several months at a time.