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Can Turtles Be Kept with Pleco?

Can Turtles Be Kept with Pleco?

It depends on the size of the turtle and the size of the pleco. Smaller turtles can be kept with smaller plecos while larger turtles should not be housed with larger plecos. Plecos and turtles both share the characteristic of liking to live in a tank that is an extensive aquatic environment, which can pose … Read more

Mixing Tree Frogs – Can Different Species of Tree Frogs Live Together?

Tree Frog species

This family comprises all but a few species of the arboreal tree frogs of Africa, Madagascar, and the Seychelles Islands. In terms of species numbers, it is the largest family in East Africa, with over 70 known members; there will be many more if the Common Reed Frog (Hyperolius viridiflavis) ‘complex’ is split. Tree Frogs … Read more

Plants For Turtle Tank: Setup a Turtle Tank For a Planted Aquarium

How to Setup a Turtle Tank? Complete Guide

If you may want to start with a smaller planted tank, especially if you’re getting a hatchling or juvenile turtle, keep in mind that as the turtle grows you will have to buy bigger setups, including new lighting and filtration systems. It is often less expensive in the long run to buy the proper tank … Read more