Ludwigia Palustris: Care and Types

Ludwigia Palustris Care

Ludwigia is one of the plants that bring out a lot of colors and there’s a whole variety of them, some of them are just green and the ones that we’re gonna concentrate on, are the ones that bring something different to the table we’re talking about the Ludwigia Palustris and the Ludwigia Repens care. … Read more

Amazon Sword Propagation – Plant Care & Growth

Amazon Sword Propagation - Plant Care & Growth

Amazon sword plant is also known as Echinodorus, is a genus of plants in the family Alismataceae and dispersed from the Western Hemisphere, the USA into Argentina. Typically they are light to dark green colored plants. I would say though, that traditionally they are more of a light green colored plant, very rarely do I … Read more

Best Fish for Iwagumi Tank: Aquascape, Tank Setup, Plants & Rocks

Iwagumi Aquascaping: a Beginner’s Guide

What is Iwagumi? Iwagumi is one of the most elegant and straightforward looking aquarium setups that look easy to accomplish but, in reality, is very difficult to achieve. What does iwagumi mean? This Japanese method dates back to three decades ago when it was for the first time by Takashi Amano. Iwagumi is very popular … Read more

Anubias Nana, Anubias Nana Petite & Barteri: Care, Propagation & Planting

Anubias Nana Care Guide: Propagation, Planting and Optimal Conditions

Anubias Nana and Petite are great plants for aquarist of all experience levels.It’s great for beginners, it’s pretty much bulletproof, it’s really durable and can live in most conditions. It doesn’t need high light or Co2 and it’s great for a beginner aquarist because it’s so versatile. There are so many different things you can … Read more

4 Best Low Light Aquarium Plants for Beginners

4 Best Low Light Aquarium Plants for Beginners

Our list for low light aquarium plants can be beautiful, moreover, these plants are very easy to maintain and no Co2 needed. Having an aquarium is an engaging and rewarding task. While it gives you the chance to nurture life, it also helps you recreate nature’s beauty. If you’ve made up your mind to add plants … Read more