Aquarium Coconut Cave: for Pleco, Cichlid, Betta Fish, Shrimp, Aquarium Decoration, and as Accessory



The cave will not float, they sink right away (no priming necessary), a quick rinse, and then just add them to your aquarium.

If you have a smaller tank such as a nano tank, please state so in the comments section, otherwise, you will get an average-sized nut that may be too large for a nano tank, thank you. All caves are finely sanded giving the product a very polished and finished look as well as providing a safe haven for your fish with NO sharp edges.

Please state in the comments section, when placing your order, what size tank and what type of fish the cave will be used for. This will help me to pick the best nut for your situation based on what I have on hand.

Betta fish owners

If you would like the second hole on the cave to be on the top for surface breathing, please state so in the comments section. Thank you. see below for cave details.


The cave will vary due to this being a natural product however we will always send the best from our selection. Average 4″ to 6″ high and 3.5″ to 5″ wide. The opening is 2″ . Extra Large (very large coconut) Measures on average 6″ to 7″ high and 5″ to 5.5″ wide. I will probably end up drilling a larger entry hole for this size coconut so it is in proportion to the cave. If you would like a smaller than average coconut, please state so in the comments section.

If we have one smaller we will send one otherwise the coconut will be of average size. We do not recommend extra large caves for bettas or smaller fish. Extra-large caves are more suitable for larger-sized fish such as goldfish or cichlids.

If you would like the suction cup positioned to the side of the coconut (main photo) versus the opposite end of the cave hole, please state so in the comment section, otherwise, the suction cup will be positioned opposite the cave hole. (ie, cave hole in the front, suction cup in back).

All coconut hides sold in my shop start off whole. I drill, drain, cut, shuck, wash, bake & sand them myself. You will receive a quality finished product. If it doesn’t meet my high standards, it does not get shipped.

All caves are sterilized at 275 degrees for a minimum of 20 minutes and are free of all pathogens.

Java moss and Java fern

These caves will last for many years inside an aquarium. Holes have been drilled in the tops perfect for securing aquarium plants such as java fern. You have the option of adding a suction cup.

These caves look awesome in an aquarium and the fish love them. Excellent for cichlid fry, betta’s, cory fish, bristle nose pleco, shrimp, or any other fish or invertebrates that love a cave.

You may want to soak them for a day to release any tannins however it is not necessary. The shells have been sterilized and are aquarium safe.